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Affiliation with WorldHealth.net


             Congratulations your organization has taken the first step. By Affiliating with Worldhealth.net you will be helping share with the world honest and advanced Healthcare and Medical Scientific Advancement information from the original Non-Profit Trusted Source of Non-Commercial Health Information anywhere on the internet. Worldhealth.net is the 2nd oldest Medical Association Affiliated Website in the world and is only a month or so younger than the American Medical Association website.


As an Affiliate of Wordhealth.net you will be joining Thousands of Medical Professionals complimented by upwards of 1 million like-minded Fitness and Sports  Focused Professional Associations. WHN Affiliation is also open to other health conscious groups at no cost as long as such organizations can document annual membership dues, meetings, or organized events.


As an Affiliate Member of Worldhealth.net all the members of your organization will be able to use at “No Cost” all of WHN’s Member Benefits such as the Revolutionary Co-Branded Newsletter, Travel Benefits, Telemedicine Concierge Marketing Tool, and deeply discounted Group Purchase Arrangements. *


*Proper licensing may be required to participate in some discounted programs. For examples, a Member would need to have a valid DEA License and provide proper identification to order products requiring a prescription from a physician or other healthcare professional.


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